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RePack Mk2

Those of You that keep updates on FB page already know that not so long ago I updated RePack Seat bag.

RePack X0 Large [x-pac VX07 used as main fabric] at minimum capacity.

max capacity for Large size

backstrap panel made with black/reflective Cordura

RePack X2 Medium [x-pac VX21 as main fabric used] at minimal capacity

Changes that I made are, slighly changed frontend for better seatclamp area clearance, different seatpost strap for less swaying of bag, especialy when fully loaded. There is aditional rainforcement with Cordura 1000D patch near the seatclamp, and slighly changed side straps. There is small gain in weight of the bags but it is ca 30g only.

Probably before the end of this Year, You’ll see updated version of front DoubleTwist barbag.

Weekend in Bieszczady Mountains

Last weekend were in Bieszczady to ride some nice mountain trails. There is a short video showing how it was.

Bieszczady 18-19.10.2012 from trzepak on Vimeo.

Grenzstein Trophy kit review

On privateer website You can read Andy’s review of His kit used during this year Grenzstein Trophy.

race season over

Didn’t race to much this season, but last weekend when we’re coming back from vacations we went thru Istebna to start in MTB Marathon series race. Ridden medium lenght option - 54km, more than 5 hours, but pass the finish line quite well after 3 weeks without even riding a bike.